March your ant invasion right out of the door.

Trust Page Exterminating Services out of Laurel & College Park, MD

Ants can be especially annoying pests. If you've seen one or two in your kitchen, there are likely thousands or even millions more in the colony. Don't let an army of ants claim ownership over your kitchen. Reach out to Page Exterminating Services, today for ant control services.

Random traps throughout your home isn't the answer. Our professional team will inspect your property and apply targeted strategies for ant removal. Call (240) 264-6242 today for a free estimate in Laurel, College Park, MD or surrounding areas in Prince George County, MD.

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How does our ant control process work?

In order to stop an ant invasion, you need to attack them from the source. During the ant removal process, we will:

Discover how the ants are gaining entry to your home
Lay down traps in specific areas
Apply environmentally safe insecticides to eliminate all pests

Ant control is more than just extermination. Page Exterminating Services will also ensure ants can't return through the same entry in the future. Speak with us today to learn more about our services out of Laurel & College Park, MD.