Have Unwanted Critters Made Your Property Their Home?

Choose us for reliable pest control in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD is known as a major seaport with affordable housing, upscale crab shacks and numerous crowd-drawing attractions. Unfortunately, due to the climate and dense population, Baltimore, MD is also home to unwanted insects and pests. Page Exterminating Services wants to help alleviate pest problems by providing residential and commercial exterminating services.

You'll appreciate working with us because we use family, pet and environmentally safe products. Our professionals take care of pest problems inside and outside of your property, including issues with bedbugs and rodents. Whether you want preventative service or help with a current problem, we'll provide the reliable solutions you need in Baltimore, MD.

Contact us today for a free estimate on service for your residential or commercial property.

5 signs you may be dealing with an infestation

Nobody wants to find out their property is infested with insects or pests. With prompt action, you can eliminate a problem before it worsens. Call Page Exterminating Services immediately if you notice:

  1. Foul or unusual odors
  2. Damage to property or equipment
  3. Droppings around your home or business
  4. Footprints or unexplained markings
  5. Strange noises

You should also contact us if you notice active pests in areas such as your kitchen or bathrooms. Call 240-264-6242 to schedule extermination services for your Baltimore, MD property.

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